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SpotNoise Frequently Asked Questions !

All Spotnoise Noise Monitoring units are quality checked and calibrated complying with ISO17025 standard.

You would like to locate the Noise Monitoring unit at the place where you encounter the noise nuisance. The SpotNoise Residential is IP65 so can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

SpotNoise Noise Monitors need an external power-supply. This can be either from a power outlet, a small solar panel or a powerbank. It’s USB powered and the SpotNoise Residential can easily last more than 1 week on a powerbank.

In the setup of the Noise Monitor, you can set up the noise level that needs to be exceeded before you’ll get a notification by email. You can also set the time that the exceeding noise level has to occur to not get too many noise alarms.

After purchasing your SpotNoise Noise Monitoring unit you’ll have to wait for the hardware to arrive (shipped by courier worldwide). You’ll also receive an email from us with login for the Online Noise Monitoring website where you can very easily setup your noise monitor. If you have any questions just drop us an email.

Every new unit comes with 1 year complimentary online cloud access with also includes alarms, history, noise recordings etc. If you want to continue to use the online services you just buy a 1 year online access at the lowest available prices, it’s optional, no obligations !

SpotNoise Residential measures the following values:

  • Lmin (minimum sound level)
  • Lmax (maximum sound level)
  • LAeq (equivalent A-weighted sound level)
  • L10 (the sound level that  is exceeded 10% of the time)
  • L90 (the sound level that  is exceeded 90% of the time)
  • Dynamic range 30 – 130 dB(A)
  • SpotNoise Consulting

All of the above values Plus:

  • 1/1 and 1/3 octave values
  • Lxx statistical analysis (any value)
  • level triggered audio recording
  • dB(A), dB(C), dB(Z) weighting
  • HDMI output for direct level display with ‘traffic light view'(green, orange red values)
  • automatic reporting