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SpotNoise Noise Monitoring Terminal

A very affordable and reliable calibrated noise monitoring solution for residence, industrial zones, construction sites, city wide noise monitoring etc.

Cloud Access for Noise Monitoring

1 year full access for SpotNoise Residential noise monitoring station

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Noise Plaintiff

If you’re enduring noise nuisance, SpotNoise can help. Our monitoring system tracks noise levels in real-time, letting you know if you’re being disturbed by levels that exceed legal limits. You can easily report your findings to local authorities, who can then take action against the noise polluter. Once you know the noise levels, you can rest easy and enjoy a good night’s sleep

Noise Polluter

If you’re worried about being a noise polluter, SpotNoise can help you to. Our monitoring system lets you check if you’re exceeding the maximum allowed noise levels. You can easily adjust your behaviour and get an alarm if you’re being too noisy. With SpotNoise, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re not causing a disturbance

City Noise Monitoring

Whether you’re monitoring a single street, a part of a city, or a whole city. SpotNoise has got you covered. With our advanced technology, you can measure up to 5000 stations in one account. You can even monitor a industrial zone, racing track, concert venue, and more. Plus, you can make (partial) results of the noise monitoring available to the public if you want to.

Plug and Play Noise Monitoring

Our residential unit is weatherproof, making it perfect for any environment. Simply plug it in, connect to Wi-Fi, and start monitoring noise levels. You can adjust reporting settings, set alarms, and retain data for up to one year. All SpotNoise monitoring stations are calibrated to ISO17025 and comply with Class 1 accuracy (ISO61672). Each SpotNoise unit comes with its own calibration certificate.

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Customer Reviews

Had been enduring noise nuisance from the nearby pub for a long time. Every time the noise patrol agents would come they lowered the noise, I installed the SpotNoise Residential and it automatically recorded all sound levels exceeding the regulations, handed it over to the authorities, done ! Now I can sleep relaxed again, thanks SpotNoise team !
Ptra K.

1st year cloud access, alarms, notifications and 12 months historic data online included !

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Had a neighbour complaining about our factory, we installed SpotNoise noise monitor and recorded all high noise levels. After listening it was clear the noise was not from our factory but from another small shophouse nearby. Good to have proof, the neighbours talk and smile with us again!
Peter H.